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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker And WiFi Switch Control Device Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker And WiFi Switch Control Device
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Model: Amazon Echo 3rd Generation
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker And WiFi Switch Control Device Echo Dot is our most popular voice-controlled speaker, now with improved sound and a new design.Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home..
৳ 3,790
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Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER B7
DESCRIPTIONEdifier B7 Sound Bar●︎ Metre long soundbar paired with an 8-inch subwoofer●︎ Smart standby feature after 10 minutes of inactivity●︎ Versatile connection includes Bluetooth 4.0 and Optical inputEdifier has heighten your home theatre experience. Enhancing the B3 soundbar, Edifier has create..
৳ 30,000
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Brand: Edifier Model: CINESOUND B3
DESCRIPTIONEdifier B3●︎ 3 versatile preset modes (Movie, 3D and News) to satisfy all your audio needs●︎ 10-minute smart inactivity standby●︎ Seamlessly connect to your gadgets with Bluetooth 4.0●︎ Wall mount bracket included for hassle-free setupB3 comes in an elegant, classic black package, while t..
৳ 15,000
Ex Tax:৳ 15,000
Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER E235 LUNA-E
DESCRIPTIONEDIFIER E235 Luna-E●︎ THX-certified Active Speaker System●︎ Award-winning 2.1 sound system●︎ 5.8G Wireless Subwoofer●︎ Bluetooth 4.0 pairing**2 years Warranty. The subwoofer is wirelessly connected at a 5.8GHz radio frequency to its satellite companions. Built with two 8-inch drivers..
৳ 39,900
Ex Tax:৳ 39,900
Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER E255
DESCRIPTIONEdifire E255●︎ Minimum distortion at maximum volume.●︎ 10inch subwoofer with twin bass reflex radiators●︎ Perfect for PC, gaming, TV or home theatre●︎ 5.1 channel and 2 stereo input options**1 years warranty.Surround yourself with the best quality music you can have. Connect any device to..
৳ 65,000
Ex Tax:৳ 65,000
Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER E25HD LUNA
DESCRIPTIONEdifier E25HD Luna HD●︎ TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: 15W x 2 (Treble) + 22W x 2 (Bass)●︎ SNR: ≥85dBA●︎ FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)●︎ INPUT TYPE: Bluetooth 4.0/Auxiliary/Optical●︎ INPUT SENSITIVITY: 650mV ± 50mV●︎ ADJUSTMENT:Touch keys, remote control●︎ BASS & MID-RANGE DRIVER:3 i..
৳ 19,000
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Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER M1250
DESCRIPTIONEdifier M1250Featuring a flat panel design and weighing only 550 grams, M1250 offers unmatched portability and performance. Its compact shape frees up your precious desktop space, while dramatically improves the audio from your PCs, laptops and portable devices with just two speakers.In a..
৳ 950
Ex Tax:৳ 950
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Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER M1360
DESCRIPTIONEDIFIER M1360M1360 2.1 speaker system brings together a set of upward-angled satellites and a downward-firing subwoofer. The result is clear, even output that's channelled directly towards you.For enhanced bass performance, the 4-inch subwoofer is enclosed in wooden medium-density fi..
৳ 2,500
Ex Tax:৳ 2,500
Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER M1380
DESCRIPTIONEdifier M1380 The 2.1 speaker system features two full-range satellites. Tuned, calibrated and matched with the subwoofer to form a balance of clarity, richness and depth.FEATURES● Front bass reflex port to deliver rich and detailed sound● Two full range satellites speakers tuned and..
৳ 3,400
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Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER P3080M
DESCRIPTIONEDIFIER P3080M Equipped with a microphone input and multiple connection ports, P3080M is a 2.1 multimedia speaker system designed for karaoke and so much more. The 6½” bass driver guarantees powerful bass performance, accompanied by both mid- and high-range tweeters that pack a punch..
৳ 5,000
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Brand: Edifier Model: EDIFIER R1010BT
DESCRIPTIONR1010BT Powered Bluetooth SpeakersSpecification:●︎ TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:  R/L: 12W+12W ●︎ SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: ≥85dB(A) ●︎ FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 70Hz-20KHz ●︎ Bluetooth: 400mV±50mFFS  ●︎ INPUT TYPE: RCA (x2) ●︎ BASS DRIVER: 4 inch (106mm) ●︎ TREBLE DR..
৳ 6,800
Ex Tax:৳ 6,800
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